Kirkemarken 4 - Hejls

Experience the Magic of Local Charm and Adventure

Discover a unique blend of local charm, exciting adventure, and modern comfort close to Hejlsminde beach.

Room 1

This bright room offers a pleasant atmosphere with two windows opening to my beautiful garden, allowing sunlight to flood in. You'll enjoy privacy in your own bathroom equipped with modern amenities. For your clothing needs, there are two spacious wardrobes providing ample space to store your belongings and make you feel at home. The stylish and modern look of the room creates a welcoming ambiance. There's also a convenient refrigerator available for storing snacks and drinks.

Fascinating Attractions

Get a taste of local charm and adventure in the surrounding area. Explore special places and events close to your Airbnb for an authentic experience.


Lalandia in Billund. This award-winning resort is only a short drive away (30 km) and is perfect for a day of fun and entertainment for the whole family. It's an unforgettable experience for both children and adults.


One of the most iconic destinations nearby is the incredible LEGOLAND. The world-famous amusement park is just a short drive away (30 km) and is the perfect place for a day of fun and adventure. It's a magical experience that appeals to LEGO enthusiasts of all ages.

Around the North

One of the local treasures is the breathtaking nature trail around Noret in Hejls. This scenic trail is only a short walk away (200 m) and is the perfect place for a day of peace and immersion in nature. Explore well-marked hiking trails that lead you through different terrains and offer a wide variety of flora and fauna. It's the ideal place for nature lovers.

Hejlsminde Beach

This beach is just a short walk or drive (3 km) away and is the perfect retreat for sun, sand, and sea experiences. Dive into fun water activities like swimming, beach volleyball, or just a relaxing stroll along the shoreline. There\'s something for every taste and energy level.

Restaurant Både og.

We want your stay here to be filled with gastronomic delights, and a true gem at Hejlsminde Beach is Restaurant Både og. This exceptional dining experience is only a short walk away and offers a combination of delicious dishes and breathtaking sea views.


Kabyssen is Hejlsminde Beach's fast-food grill. If you find yourself at the beach and want something quick to eat or delicious ice cream in the heat, this is the right place for you.


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